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Welcome to
Agni Computers

Welcome to Agni Computers

Agni Computers support organizations and individuals to benefit from the latest technologies to achieve their goals. Our range of innovative products, dedicated services and customized solution is designed to help our client more in step with a fast - moving world and to constantly ahead. We cover marked end to end solutions, catering to both enterprise and consumers.

We are a top class service provider offering computer repairs and computer services at highly competitive rates. We have very quickly gained the reputation for being the company that meets commitments to its customers and also a company that consistently achieves service levels beyond our customers’ expectation.


When it comes to purchasing new desktop computers for your home or office, the first question you get in your mind is whether to buy branded computers or to get assembled desktop computers. While there are good many reasons to buy branded computers, there are also good reasons to why you should opt for assembled ones.


We provide A to Z services required for both household computers and business institutions. Unlike other service providers who procure the materials required from vendors we keep in stock all of the required components with us. While we utilize top quality materials we have priced our services very competitively.


Although it is the IT industry that depends entirely on computers for their all of the activities, almost every one of the business today relies on computers for a variety of tasks. Computers and internet have also become an integral part of today's home. We give our full support to choose the latest version branded computers.


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